Foorumix project

Foorumix 2015-2018
Satakunta University of Applied Sciences, Finland


Foorumix is a project where Peer Forums of Superiors are piloted in small and middle-sized companies in Satakunta in order to enhance work ability management and productivity of enterprises. The experiences of the piloting is the base for a new Peer Forum model that can be used in many kinds of workplaces to promote well-being, efficiency and coping with work.

There is demand for long-term peer forums for superiors. This has been shown in previous EU-projects and interviews made by Satakunta University of Applied Sciences. The project makes visible the strength of peer forums both for the superiors and the entire work community. The aim is that forums become permanent practices in companies.


The superiors need an opportunity to share their experiences and to reflect their work as well as to develop management related with work ability and coping with the work load. Integration of new knowledge is not easy to do without a well-planned process. The model helps to start Peer Forums of Superiors easily and quickly as well as to maintain them. The permanent role of Peer Forums is significant also in change and development processes.

To ensure that the dissemination of the model will succeed the project focuses on communication, education and cooperation between the stakeholders. Peer forum material is made to help the instilling of peer forum activities. It is important especially for small and middle-sized companies that professional aid will be available after the project.

That´s why special material is made for the consultants working with enterprises and for the occupational health care. In Foorumix work ability issues are considered from a wide perspective, that is, personal life is seen as a central factor affecting work ability, e.g. combining family life and work or equality issues. The central themes in the project also include diversity at work places and age management. In addition, the research also shows that gender issues impact superiors` role and their own coping with work.


The dissemination and further development are carried out in collaboration with regional and national partners. Material in this website will be compiled in order to instill the social innovations made in the project. The success stories of the superiors who have participated in the peer forums play a central role together with narrations of the partners who have implemented new work practices to support superiors and work communities.

In conclusion, the project aims at producing new business culture to improve efficiency and well-being at work in benefiting the strength of peer support.

Project manager Kaarina Latostenmaa
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